20 October 2005

How long was it ?

Haaaaa..... finally!!! I've been waiting for today for the past 6 years (okay 3 years to be exact). I will now release the student title (not officially la kan). Today was the day to present my final year project. I was so nervous that I couldn't sleept last night. Pusing kiri, pusing kanan, last-last bangun tengok balik slide (powerpoint). Lepas tengok check balik beg, check balik kasut, check balik baju, semua nak check balik lah. The feeling is like my first day at school, I want it to be perfect, I want it to went down smoothly. Anyway masa dok pusing-pusing, teringat balik first day I came here, it was 6 years ago. As much as I hate to admit it, I do love this place, the people in it, the kampung people yg kena culture shock when they arrive here, the anxious feeling to wait for half-an-hour to leave the class before the lecturer arrive so that we can blame the lecturer for being late, the dress-to-kill masscom student, the battle of parking lot (ini masa kat school lama), the excitement to see the long que at the ATM (time loan masuk), the survival to keep alive with just RM10 for the whole week, the last minute work to meet tomorrow's deadlines, the annoyed feeling when your lecturer rejected your work AGAIN, the ecstatic feeling when the hottest girl in school smile at you, the irritating pak who-have-nothing-better-to-do-they-have-to-check-your-matrix-card guard, the BO smells when u took the school bus for afternoon class, not to mention the fight to get into the bus in the first place. I can go on and on and on but if you are or was a student, you'll get my point. Being a student, I was carefree, happy-go-lucky, and couldn't care less about anything else. waaahhhh sedih lah pulak nak tinggalkan alam student :~( but I know I have to, sooner or later and the time is now. So welcome muz, to the real world!!

Muz: Kuala Lumpur !!!!! tunggu!!!! aku cabar kau!!!!!

15 October 2005

serangga oh serangga

Wah this is an interesting fact. Do you know that the cockroach can live for up of nine days without it's head before it die starving? dan kita masih lagi tuang-tuang puasa kerana tak tahan lapar macam lah dah nak mati hahahaha (sindiran sinis utk kaki tuang puasa)

moral : jangan kalah ngan lipas weh!!

11 October 2005

Kau ini annoying tahu tak !

As someone who fussy about every single thing, a self-proclaim perfectionist, there are lots of thing in life that annoys me. Its annoying when my neighbour turn on their air-cond in the middle of the night. Kalau air-cond dia senyap takpe lah jugak, ini air-cond zaman hippies agaknya, and its also annoys me bile salesperson keep on persuading me to buy their stuff when I already told them I have no money in the first place! but nothing beats this:

Location : Somewhere in Malaysia
Time & date : Sometime

Someone : Hoi Muz! babi ko! lama tak nampak mana menghilang?
Muz : Hahaha weh cipan ko someone! aku biasa la busy sket skrg ni.
Someone : Ohh ok ok... Ko buat apa skrg ? keje ke study lagi?
Muz : Huhuhu aku biasa la, study tak abis-abis
Someone : Hahaha takpe-takpe. Pelan-pelan kayuh. Ko buat apa ni jalan sorang-sorang? Awek ko *tuuutt* mana?
Muz : Ceh aku dah lama dah break dengan dia.
Someone : Ohhh .... Habis ko dengan sape skrg ?
Muz : Takde sape-sape. Aku single la skrg.
Someone : Hahahaha ko jangan nak kencing aku la Muz, muka ko takde awek?
Muz : Eerrr.... kenapa dengan muka aku? Memang takde la
Someone : Alah poyo lah ko ni, ITM kan berlambak awek, takkan sorang pun takde?
Muz : Huhuhu takde la.
Someone : Tapi apesal ko takde awek ?
Muz : Eerrr ..........

Okay the conversation ends there. First of all it annoys me when people keep saying "muka macam kau"
and how can you fcuking judge someone by their looks? I mean do I look like seorang manusia yang incapable untuk hidup tanpa teman ? Do I look weak to you that I need someone else? Hey I am perfectly okay with living alone! I don't need a partner to make my life feel more meaningful. Don't get me wrong, aku bukan tak suka with relationship, I do love and appreciate it when I'm in a relationship, but I don't see it as something to prove my existance in this world.

The second things that annoys me is that, do I need a reason to be single? Do every single thing need a fcuking reason ? Can't I just be single without any reason? You can came up with hundreds of theory but the truth is, I just choose to be single.
There are no reason what so ever. I'm not gonna jump into another relationship just for the sake of having one. I know alot of people who are in a relationship just for the sake of having one. Its their life, so who cares right? WRONG!! cause it also involves other people. I pity their partner. Tak elok tau main kan perasaan orang =( kalau tak suka, cakap saja tak suka. Jangan nak try dulu la, give chance la, kesian la, apa la cause what goes around, comes around.

Here are the conclusion for what I want to say
1. Don't judge me or anybody else by their looks. Its not my fault that I was born good looking okay? so beat it!
2. Don't question whatever I did. Sometimes I have my reasons, sometimes I don't. You can debate it, but don't question it. You just indirectly insulting my decision making skills.
3. I am good looking. Did I mention that already ? Oh well just want to stress that out
4. hahahaha bite me =P

08 October 2005

Blogger Idol!

Ok its another saturday night, and again here i am blogging. Keren eh ? hahaha

As a blogger, I enjoy reading other's blog. But what I bumped into really shock me. I mean how lame can you get? Blogger Idol? you got to be kidding me! Okay I know I said that I believe in freedom of speech, but blogger idol? At least now I know yang ada manusia yang lagi lame then me =P

Anyway today for three straight days I've been going back to pasar juadah kat Seksyen 13 Shah Alam for only one reason, to find her. Who you asked? It's hard to say cause now we will never know. The story begins masa aku pergi pasar juadah tu last wednesday that I saw her. But for some reason, I just stood there and stare at her macam orang bodoh. Macam nampak ice cream di waktu tengah hari di bulan ramadhan ni, tengok je yang mampu. Bile dah sedar balik, dia dah berlalu pergi. So for three straight days already aku dok pi balik dengan harapan dapat jumpa dia balik. Tetapi tidak seperti kisah-kisah cinta agung yang selalu disogokkan kepada masyarakat melayu kita yang mana aku sepatutnya jumpa dia balik, she was never to be found *sob*sob*sob* Okay aku tak cakap kalau aku approach her that day, kami akan live happily ever after. Maybe dia akan maki aku kat depan orang ramai, maybe dia akan gelakkan aku bersama rakan-rakan nya, or maybe dia akan smile and tell me her name. The thing is, we will never know now. She could have been the love of my life or she could have been just another stranger in my life. What I'm trying to say is that if you want/need something, don't wait until it's too late. Most of the time, its not about what could had happened, but what we do to make it happen.

07 October 2005

La vita e bella

That's 'Life is beautiful' in english if you were wondering. Coming from a broken family, i certainly at times miss a father touch but not to the point of breaking down. My father and I is in good terms, but not as much as I would love to. But anyway I'm not gonna talk about that, but about this movie, 'La vita e bella' . It's an Italian movie produced back in 1997. Directed and starred the movie himself, by Roberto Benigni. It's such a lovely movie. It's about Guido, a funny man who finds love with Dora. The loves scene doesn't really appeal to me but it is certainly entertaining. But what really make me loves this movie is after they got married. Guido is a jewish man, and living in the WWII, Guido and his son, Joshua got caught for being jew. During this period, Guido tried very hard to make the prisons as a game for his son. I can't tell you what gonna happen in the end, spoiler lah nanti. But the thing is, sometimes we overlook fathers love. I think this movie is so suitable for all fathers or fathers to be. I wish my father is like Guido but then again, I wish for Dian Sastro also hahahaha.... but what ever it is, even if you are not the greatest man alive, I still love you daddy!

02 October 2005

Mix emotions

It's Saturday night and here I am, blogging. Well, it's a mix emotions night for me. Well let me start with the good news. As an avid football fan, I couldn't be more proud to be a Selangor fans. This year they achieve the unthinkable. If someone came to me early in the season and said Selangor gonna achieve the treble this year, I would have certainly laugh at him/her, but tonite, it did happen. The premier league, the FA cup and finally, the Malaysia cup. Kudos to the boys but more importantly, to the management by securing the services of the 2 Indonesians in the like of Elie and Bambang. Not only these boys helps to improve our attack with lots of goal and assist but they also helps to improve the number of attandence for our match. Hahahaha have u notice the number of Indonesian in the stand for each of Selangor game? its like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. But I think the wises thing the management did was having Dollah Salleh as our coach. He is simply the best of the best. His records speaks it all and I think he is the man that our national team should consider to lead our ailing national team. Kudos again to Selangor!!! woohoooo!!!

On the sad note, I just got an sms from my friend in Indonesia. Today Bali kena bom lagi. To think that I was there 3 weeks earlier really give a huge relief to me but it sadden me as well. From the news I
read, there were at least 22 people died and more injured. 1 bom took place at Kuta while 2 more at Jimbaran. I've been to these places ok. I stayed in Kuta and the restaurant yang kena bom tu, mmg aku selalu makan kat situ. Tapi tuhan masih sayangkan aku that the incident didnt happen 3 weeks earlier. I feel for the people in Bali. I love the place very much yg menyebabkan aku rasa sedih sangat and I strongly condemned kepada sesiapa yang bertanggung jawab ke atas kejadian ini. The people of Bali were mostly poor and they depend very much on the tourism. Bile dah jadi kes macam nih, yang paling terasa tentulah rakyat Bali sendiri. Today really like I said, a very mix emotions for me. And for all the people who read this, doesnt matter what your religion is, lets pray that something like this won't happen again. Tidak semestinya di Bali shj, tapi di mana2. Let us all live in peace and may god bless the dead, and us all.

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