29 August 2006

Five signs

Here are the five signs that shows you are addicted to nicotine (in particular order):-

5. You took the trouble to hold your needs to go to the toilet and drive to the nearest convinient store when you realise you've ran out of cigarette. Whats the fun of going to the toilet if you can't smoke ?

4. When you went out for a drink with your friends at Starbuck or Coffee Bean or anywhere lah, you always choose to sit outside in the open air even if you know it is more comfortable with the aircond inside.

3. Whenever you heard someone died because of lung cancer all you can say is " Oh, dah memang ajal dia. Even if he/she doesn't smoke he/she gonna die anyway " or in simpler word, denial.

2. Whenever someone come to you and tell you that you actually burning your money, you go beserk and came up with excuses like " Oi! kau tahu tak jalan nak pergi rumah kau tu takkan ada kalau aku tak merokok" or " I'm doing the country a favour okay, I am actually generating the income for the government, that thounsands of people who work at the tobacco company, bla bla bla".

1. The most significant signs to show that you are addicted to nicotine is when you know the government gonna increase the price of tobacco in the next (coming) budget and you furiously vow to yourself " Aku tak kira, I'm still gonna keep on smoking as a protest to the government! Go on, increase the price! You think by hiking the price you can stop me smoking? Screw you! You never gonna stop me from smoking nyeh nyeh nyeh!"

So kawan-kawan, lets make sure the RM20mil spent by the government on the 'Tak nak' campaign worth it. Mari kita ramai-ramai katakan TAK NAK........


22 August 2006


I had a real bla@st last weekend. Met few new people along the way.

I started the weekend with a night out at Cynna. Its sort of a farewell party for a good friend of mine, a brother to me, my partner in crime, dazman. I've been all over the place with this boy, done alot of silly stuff along the way. I know life wouldn't be the same without you around anymore la bro but I'm glad we had the night out at Cynna that night cause that was for you la bitch! Shiet I shouldn't be doing that again anytime soon hahahaha. So dude, I hope you had alot of fun that night too and I wish you all the best in New York (tapi aku tahu mesti tak se'fun' mana without me around hahaha)

The next day, I went to Time Square and then head on to The Curve to meet a friend and then went on to KL Jam Asia to watch Stonebay with another group of people before ending the night off. Hahahaha ok wa ada curfew tapi comel apa lelaki ada curfew ? =P

Anyway Dazman, by the time you read this (WHICH U BETTER READ!!) you must probably had arrived in New York. I just wanted to say, I love you man (eerr... in a good way) and please don't tell me anything about the concert/gig yang kau akan pergi kat sana. Kau sekadar pissed me off saja for being stuck in this stoopid island okay? but do tell me (and preferbly attached with pictures) about your life over there. Lastly aku harap kau tak lupa bawak sejadah seperti yang aku pesan hari tu. (hahaha okok wa gurau je sorry man, sorry!! )

Here to the last trip we had. I know we gonna miss it. Cheers bro.

17 August 2006

Babi In Total Control of Herself

I'm pissed off. So here goes...

I love my work. Seriously I do, eventhough I've been complaining alot about my work, deep down inside I do enjoy it. But what I don't like is the people around me. They are just plain shit, manipulative and opportunist. Okay not all of them, I do love some of them (that includes my collegues who read this huhuhu) but I just can't stand some of them. One of them is my cubemate.

You see, my cubemate is a new hire who just join about 2 month ago. I would describe her as, good looking and sexy. Its every guys dream to spend 8 hours everyday with a hottie. So I was thrilled when I found out that my new cubemate is a hottie. Everyday for the next week or so I was excited to go to work. As times goes by she start to get to know people around and her circle of friends pun semakin besar. Well, its okay with me lah cause eventhough she is not that bad, I just don't find anything interesting about her.

As she became the talk of the office, guys pun start lah datang. You know lah when there is shit, there will be fly as well nearby and these guys macam datang to my cube every hour okay. At first I was cool with it, but after a while the frequency of these guys datang makin kerap pulak. If they just come to say hi ke, its okay lah kan, tapi ni tidak, berbual macam tgh lepak kat starbuck pulak and they were talking in their languages "cong ceng, cong ceng, cong ceng" dah rasa macam kat pasar malam lah pulak. ARGH!! last time my cubemate mmg lah tak cun pun, but at least I had my privacy but now? tsk tsk tsk =(

It was really annoying you know. I did hinted to them that I was uncomfortable with them around but did they even care?? Noooo, they don't care. I guess they felt they are supperior than I am. That they are the majority and I'm the minority here. Shit, now I sounded like a fucking racist pulakkk. Well as times goes by I learn how to tolerate with her antics. I'm not the type who seek confrontation, I'll rather give in and move on.

Anyway early this week she came to me and said
SHIT: Hi Muz, I want to change my cube
MUZ: Hi! Oh really? that is so sad (buat-buat muka sedih)
SHIT: Yeah, cause I cannot stand you smoking. I sensitive to the smell.
MUZ: Oh okay ( WTF??????)

Holly shit! I cannot believe this! Instead of admiting she was a nuisance, she have indirectly put the blame one me! I mean what the hell was that ?? Are you a fucking joke?? Hello?? I've been putting up with your antics all this while and never said a word pun and suddenly I'm the bad guy. Bollocks la perempuan ni!! ^#!)#%_#^#&^*

So today she pack her stuff. I thought okay lah Muz, at least she is out of your life. Who cares what she said lah kan. Apparently she still save the best for the last. While she was packing up her stuff and trying to unplugged her desktop, she 'ACCIDENTLY' switch off my desktop!!! Oh GOD!!! what have I done to deserve this?? I've been a good boy all year!! I don't deserve to be tested like this. I swear at that time I could see myself hentak kepala dia kat meja sebanyak 11 kali.

Anyway I have to give it to her lah. I mean she been driving me nuts for month and I couldn't say a single word to her. Yeay to her. You won bitch. I bet she must sitting with her friends and laughing their ass off and making jokes of me. *sob*sob*sob* life is a bitch after all =(

14 August 2006


Have you ever felt so stupid that you just want to wack your head to the walls? Have you confess to someone only to be rejected without hesitation and felt so stupid? Have you ever envy your best friend everytime he/she pass the exams with flying colors that just make you feel stupid? Have you ever wish you just die because you are just plain stupid ? Well don't kill yourself just yet cause apparently, there is still hope for you.

“Anti-Stupidity” Pill Has Been Developed
By: Alexandra Lupu, Health News Editor

Believe it or not, the first pill that could cure stupidity was recently developed, German newspaper states.

It's not just for fun, it is for real and scientifically based and tested! German newspaper Bild reports that a new “anti-stupid” pill has been developed. Hans-Hilger Ropers, director at Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin created the “magic” pill and tested it on mice. It proved to be working on little animals'
brain nerve cells by regulating and enhancing short-term memory and also improving attentiveness.

The pill was tested on lab mice and also on drosophila flies. The “anti-stupidity” pill had a beneficial effect on subjects' brain because it counteracted hyperactivity in specific neurons. By thwarting hyperactivity of some brain cells, the pill was really efficient on “upgrading” short-term memory and also focusing and concentration.

Hans-Hilger Ropers could be seen as the first “inventor” of a pill that could cure stupidity, as the German newspaper called Bild dubs the pill as “the world's first anti-stupidity pill.”

Whether this “wonder” drug is going to treat and chase away all types of stupidity and dumb ideas is still under question. Labeling the medicine as a supposed “anti-stupidity ” pill could be a bit exaggerated and distorted from reality. However, by improving the activity of memory cells and also the concentration skills, the pill could really have “magic powers” against degenerative neurological diseases that gradually damage humans' cognitive function.

“With mice and fruit flies we were able to eliminate the loss of short-term memory,” stated scientist Hans-Hilger Ropers for the German newspaper. Further studies are needed, however, in order to establish if the pill is as effective on human neurons as it was on the nerve cells in the brain of mice and drosophila flies.


Hahahaha now who needs to study be smart eh? Hey Amalina! Now I can play play also better than you, you cannot go around berlagak-berlagak anymore. x-p

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