23 April 2006

Sekolah ku syurga ku ... MY ASS!!

I have so many things to write about but I'm just too lazy laaa. So I cheated by doing this meme tagged by CPMS. Yes I know, I'm schweet like that.

Demmit la I don't remember my kindergarten so abaikan jela that part ye. In total can I say 5?

SRK Sri Subang Jaya (Standard 1-4)
SRK Jalan Gurney 1 (Standard 5-6)
SMK Taman KOSAS (Form 1-3)
SMK Subang Utama (Form 4-5)
UiTM (from pre-diploma to diploma to degree semua kat sini, gile tak berkembang minda aku)

A definite last minute hero, and I'm pretty good at it =P

Hello? Wa rock beb! Tak main la teacher's pet ni (tho I like the song 'warisan wanita terakhir'). Masa sekolah dulu memang otai aaaa tapi bile masuk itm kena la but kissing sket (stress kan perkataan 'sket' tu). Especially time nak complete kan my thesis. Menjatuhkan reputasi otai je kena butt kissing x-(


  1. Puan Asmah (SMK Subang Utama, Biology) - Sebab subject ni boring!! Tambah boring bile cikgu yang ajar pun boring!! Ada je salah aku di mata nya. Tidur dalam kelas pun salah, ponteng kelas pun salah, tak siap kerja rumah pun salah jugak? Bosan sial dia ni!!
  2. Science teacher (SMK Taman KOSAS, Science) - Okay I forgot her name but I sure remember her boobs. That time orang cakap tgh nak explore ourselves and she happens to teach science pulak tu. I don't know syllabus nowdays, but at that time we do learn about sex, sperm, genitals, etc. So ada la fantasizing a bit about this teacher nyeh nyeh nyeh =P
  3. Puan Nina Korlina (UiTM, Project Supervisor) - For the very obvious reason ! (refer here if you were wondering why) For once I have to eat my pride and be her pet for the whole semester. Demmit I hate remembering it. Tak cool muz, sangat tak cool
Tak aci jugak pasal CPMS dah tagged semua orang, so I'm tagging my passive reader instead
  1. Mariko - So you can write something useful in your blogs other than just 'Hello'
  2. Chocolatecake - I thought you have a blog kan? kat friendster? so shooh shooh pegi update
  3. Ilot - Jangan depress2 la makcik, ni pegi buat meme bangang ni
  4. Dazman - Okay aku tahu ko tak blog, tapi aku tetap nak tag ko jugak!
By the way, please save yourself from commenting something like "Muz, you such a pervert". I mean, what's new with that?? =D

12 April 2006

Johan yang jahat

Last weekend I did managed to drag my ass back to KL. Well nothing much that I miss out except it was so good to be able to breathe the poluted air of Puduraya. It makes me so proud to be KLite all over again, but I don't intend to write about that.

I was planning to spend the 4 days to meet and catch up with my friends, but then I realised something, that I have too much friends to meet and 4 days is just not enough. Don't worry, wa tak lupa janji manis wa sebelum wa blah penang and I don't intend to write about this either.

What I really intend to write is, about my mom. You see, though we are on good terms, she always felt that I was a spoilt brat. I get what I want, when I want it, where I want it. She always felt that I need some lesson in life to realise things. So when I was younger, she would always force me to go to some motivational camp. Come on la maaa, tak rock la kalau my friends tahu I went to motivational camp kan. But anyway there was one time when I had to followed her instruction bile die umpan aku dgn skateboard yg aku idam2 kan . Not bad gak my mom punya negotiation skills.

Anyway I can't remember the exact date and the instructor, it was sometimes in 1996 if I'm not mistaken. Though the camp was nothing extraordinary, there is one story told by the instructor that I want to share with the rest of you which I can never forget up until now. Tho I like to credit him, too bad that I forgot his name. So Mr. Anonymous, thanks for your story, in a way you made me a better man. (Diolah semula so the names, place n all kira cincai aaa ye)


Some times ago, there was a gorgeous girl goes by the name Fasha. Fasha is considered the most beautiful women in her kampung, Kg Kelai. Fasha also had a very good looking boyfriend by the name Joe. Joe is staying in the nearby kampung, Kg Lilik. Kg Kelai and Kg Lilik were separated by a big and deep river inhabited by the crocs. The only way to cross the river is by boat, and the only person in Kg Kelai that have a boat is Johan. Johan is very famous in Kg Kelai, but not in the good way. Johan is known as kaki perempuan, kaki mengendap, mengacau anak dara org dan semua yang jahat2 belaka, thus known as Johan yang jahat. Johan have always had a crush on Fasha but with his 'half-done' face, he was no match for the sleek Joe. Couple of times Johan had tried to do something bad to Fasha, but luckly she managed to get herself out of trouble and left Johan frustrated again and again.

One day, on the 14th of Febuary, Fasha decided to go to Kg LiLik to celebrate the valentines day with her boyfriend, Joe. Fasha already had her sexy kebaya nyonya with her tight batik on. The only problem is, she have to ask Johan to sent her with his boat. Knowing Johan adalah seorang yang jahat, Fasha went to meet an elder of her kampung, Pak Lah. Fasha told Pak Lah every concern she had, that she wanted to cross the river, that Johan tried to do bad things before, etc. But Pak Lah is not concern, Pak Lah said he dont want to get involve in something that is none of his business. So without option, Fasha went and met Johan and asked for his help. So half way across the river, Johan stop his boat. With Fasha on her sexy kebaya and 1/2 inch makeup, Johan just couldnt handle it. He gave her two choice, either have sex with him or get thrown into the river full of crocs. Left without option, Fasha finally gave in and have sex with him.

Upon reaching the other side, Fasha ran as quickly as she can and find Joe. She told Joe everything that happens. Joe was angry and frustrated. He also felt ashamed that he decided to call the relationship off. Fasha was so sad that she cried for hours. There was this 1 guy name Kamal. Kamal heard about what happen to Fasha and he felt sorry for what happens to her. Kamal then went to find Johan. He beats the hell out of Johan until Johan is paralyze separuh badan.


So people, what do you guys think? Who is right and who is wrong? who should be blame and who should not? what could have been and couldnt? Lets have a constructive discussions. Perhaps later I will share with you people pandangan instructor tu pulak. Till then, c u guys di Pesta Malam Indonesia yo!

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