28 March 2006

8 by 8?

I just received an email today. Have a look at it

Thank god!!! Finally! something to cheer me up. Its been a while since I went back to KL so I guess this would be a great excuse to drag my ass back home. 8 artist for 8 hours of fun is just too good to turn down. But then when I saw the date (15/04) ... aarrghhh why out of 365 days a year they have to pick that day. The thing is, on the very exact same date my department is having a family day. Its not really that important but I believe this is the chance to mingle around and let the big boys know my very existance (before I read some sarcastic comment let me stress that this is called office politics okay). So now I'm having second tought.

Nak pegi concert and have lots of fun with my friends, or...

Nak pegi family day and built my network.
Think muz..
Think harder...

Go to hell la ngan my network! uuuuhhhhhh Stadium Merdeka here I come!! yeah yeah yeah! So anybody want join me?

16 March 2006


3 have always been seen as lucky or special number for most of us. How many times when we want to start something (like main kejar-kejar) we would only count up to 3. 3 have been unconciously recognise troughout the world as the starting point. I also kinda pelik when I tought about it thoroughly at first. Like how many times I would be rushing to take my morning bath when I was a child just hearing my mother counting up to 3. But then I realise something, good things do happen when it involves the number 3. Here are my list of 3 things that I like about the 3rd month of the year (March).

  1. Exactly two years ago, at this very date (16/3), one of my favourite band, the most exceptional band I've ever heard came to town. Yes people, two years ago I was there at Mont Kiara to watch Incubus rock my world. Sweet..
  2. Every year, for the past 5 years, during the month of March, Formula 1 would come to town to satisfied my need for speed. Watching F1 makes my Kenari looks like a child play =(
  3. But the most important of them all, that really makes March that special is that, every year for the past 25 years, on the 17th of March, someone really really really really special, talented, good looking, cool, etc. would celebrate his birthday.
So people, be a good boy & girl, wish him a big Happy Birthday.

Okay you can start wishing me now =D

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