23 January 2007

its tuesday!

I know I promise to post an entry about bangkok but nah, I just don't feel like to.... so bite me.

Its a long weekend here in Kulim. Did I mention Kulim? Oh yes, I've been transferred to Kulim for about 3 weeks now. It wasn't that bad though I know I'm just being denial tehehe. Anyway as I mentioned, its a long weekend here. We have 2 days replacement holiday for Awal Muharam and Sultan Kedah's birthday for Monday and Tuesday. So I took the oportunity to attend a friend's wedding in Kelantan. It was good I guess though nothing much have change the last time I was there.

On a different note, there is something bothering me. Is it really fair for people to judge someone they only know from far apart? I know semua org akan cakap it is not fair. Tapi kenapa masih ada yang still judge people from the way they dress? the car they drive? the education they have? boleh tak instead of blatanly percaya apa orang cakap kita make an effort to know them first? ah tgk aku dah jadi emotional dah. things just quite fuck up right now. I hope one of MARA people is reading this cause I damn fucking need that fucking scholar! Ok thats all for now, have a nice day people! XD

06 January 2007

Kena bom lagik!

My recent trip to Bangkok was awsome. Chatuchak weekend market memang wicked cool sial. Aku siap buat new year resolution that I'll be back semata-mata nak shopping till I drop kat Chatuchak weekend market. Hahahaha and I never was a hardcore shopper before =P

Haiyo tak tahu la apa suwey, dah dua tempat aku pergi kena bom. Kalau sapa-sapa rajin baca my previous post mesti ingat dulu time aku pergi Bali pun kes lebih kurang sama juga. Hehehe tapi dua-dua kali aku bernasib baik and this time I was even luckier (is there such a word?) sebab aku dah blah dari bangkok the morning the bomb(s) explode (which I heard killed 3 people) to Koh Samui. Celebrating new year at the beach of Koh Samui was certainly a new experience for me.

Anyway rasa cam malas pulak nak tulis secara details about the trip sekarang, maybe later bila I have the luxury of time [which I miss sorely lately huwaaaa :'( ] I will blog about the trip in detail. Ni kira cam preview laaa hahaha. So tunggu ok, jangan terkejut what yours truly makan while he is in Bangkok hahaha :b

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