24 November 2006

When boredom strikes

When boredom strikes again
Yeah when boredom strikes we (okay ‘I’ =b) do silly things.

Things have been really weird for me for the past week or so. First, I’ll be transferring from Penang to Kulim next month. How bad is that? It’s like selling your 3 series Beemer for a 660cc Perodua Kancil. What? Not bad enough? What about ditching Maya Karin for a gay partner? Okay I know I exaggerate that, so what? It was really that bad from my point of view when I first heard the news. Yeah I know I’ve been complaining about Penang for as long as I can remember but at least I can still get my weekly dosage of movie to keep me sane either from the RM6 Wednesday show at GSC or the RM20 complete DVD box set of Supernatural at Batu Feringghi. Well I guess the sayings were right after all, “you’ll only appreciate things when you’ve lost it”.

On the brighter note, well I started blogging back. hahaha. Happy weekend sucker! muahahaha XD

14 November 2006

Anagaram dan thesaurus

If you were wondering what are these people in blue t-shirt are doing, well its part of the Intel Involved program, more or less like volunteers for the sake of charity. So last week they organize a Charity Treasure Hunt 2006 and yours truly did join the event. Okay I know I'm not so much the type to do charity but let me clarify that the sole purpose I join this event is to get the blue colored t-shirt and to go sightseeing from Penang to Kulim. Its pathetic I know.

Anyway, before we (4 person in each group) started the journey, we (okay maybe it was just myself tehehehe) were pretty much confident that we could at least make the top 10. I mean how hard can treasure hunt be? We came prepared with all the latest technology we can think of. We have one Oxford dictionary (English - English), two DBP dictionary (English - Malay and Malay - English), one laptop equipped with Thesaurus, anagram breaker, synonyms and antonym software. Not only that, we also brought along our digital camera just in case we miss something along the way for our reference. I know this looks kiasu and this is just a charity event but hey, we might as well win the RM800 shopping voucher while we at it right? =D

But man, were we wrong. I swear I can do the SPM paper all over again and pass with straight A's but the questions for the treasure hunt were fcuking tough! Here is one of the question where we failed miserably.

Question: It forces you to go crazy if you eat here.
Our Answer: Kafe Happy Sun
Our Logic: Orang gila je nak makan kat matahari.

The REAL answer: Restoran Pak Samad.
It's Logic: Forces = Paksa (in malay). Crazy = mad. Restoran Pak Samad.

and of course this is just the easy one. So I guess that really sums up our treasure hunt. I don't really think we did that bad for a first timer (excuses excuses), we managed to get 19/29 answers correctly but it hurts to think that there are actually teams who managed to get it all correct. So just to soothe our ego, we came up with theories that they got leak question and stuff lah but the truth is we just suck. Kami ingat kami hebat tapi sebenarnya we're not. Woi learn to accept defeat la korang! muahahahaha. Anyway, here to the Flying Dutchman team, we did had a lot of fun didn't we? Better luck next year! =P

07 November 2006

New toy

Meet my new toy,
my new K800i SonyEricsson

So I hope that explain for the lack of update ya. Who wants to update this stopid blog when I can play with my new toy? As the advert says, "Its a camera with a phone, not a phone with a camera" hahahaha tak sabar nak amik gambar sendiri like other budak-budak kat friendster selalu buat. Cheers!

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