06 January 2006


This is long overdue. If you are clueless, please refer here and here.

There are 4 easy ways (in no particular order) that you can take to make your men succumbed to your feet, beg for forgiveness and wish they never hurt you. Ha ha ha ha, okay not funny.

This is by far the easiest way to have him under your control. Guys have bigger ego than their brain and it’s a fact. You can use this to your advantage. Compliment how good he looks even when he looks like shit. Compliment how intelligent he is even if your 7 years old brother is much smarter than he is. Compliment how good he smells even if god knows, ‘longkang’ smells much better. Here is one example how you can apply this technique to ask him to take you out

You: Wow! Bijak betul you ni. I couldn’t believe you finished it (sudoku, puzzles, crosswords) in less than 5 hours!
Him: Hey see the leg la!
You: I know you a smarty pants. That’s why I love you. Ni kena belanja makan ni.
Him: Ha ha ha yes yes I know I am. Okay sure, no hal punya. So, where you want to go? Dinner’s on me.

So ladies use your creativity and if you do it right, you can get away with almost anything.

This is the feeling that every men dread of. Men always think they are always right and you are always wrong. He hated it when he knows you was right and he was wrong. The next time he refuses to listen to your direction and both of you ended up lost, write it down in a book, paper or anything. The date, the time, the location and have both of you signed on it. He was late for your date, wrote it down. He forgot your birthday, wrote it down. He lied to you saying he was sick so that he doesn’t have to go out with you when in fact he was watching football with his friends, wrote it down. Every single mistake he make, wrote it down. So the next time he refuses to do it your way, take out those books (plural intentionally) and use it against him.

You: Oh bile I minta Prada shoes for my birthday you cakap membazir. Remember on the 16th of July 2003 at 3.11 PM in KLCC when you bought that RM600 Armani Exchange vest that you never used? Itu tak membazir ke?


You: Oh bile I minta tolong you hantarkan I, macam-macam la alasan. Jauh la, jammed la. Tapi bile Sarah minta tolong you hantarkan dia on the 9th of Febuary 2004 at 9.07 PM to Seremban pun you sanggup ye.

You get the drift.

There are still 2 other technique which are by far, more powerful than this 2 which I will write in my next entry. Till then, start flexing those muscle and start whipping. Whhiipppiisshh!! Ouch!

01 January 2006

Wake me up when December ends

.... or on second thought, don't wake me up. December 05 have been a trully wonderful month for me. First, as I had been bragging before, I did finally completed my studies with flying colors. I couldn't ask for anything better actually but I guess Santa heard me loud and clear, he granted me my first wish. Hahaha yes boys and girls, I'm going to Penang!

Just to kill your curiousity, it was Intel. I've been dying for this job ever since I was in my first years. Since I graduated, I hadn't submitted my resume to any other company, not until Intel rejected me first. So I guess I was among those lucky people who got it on their first shot. AND you were gonna ask for free/cheap processor, let just say there are 27 other people in line. So just slot your name after that okay? AND you were gonna ask me to buy you dinner at Chilies, Victoria or any other fancy restaurant, just slot your name after 43 okay? ha ha ha

And to all my-lovely-friends-who-reads-my-blog-but-refuse-to-leave-any-comment who I shall not name (you know who you are). I still love you guys anyway. By the way, Happy new year everybody

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