30 November 2005


Since I’ll be leaving tomorow, I might as well update this blog cause I know it gonna take me sometimes to update this blog later.Jika kamu sedang menunggu sambungan of Cloggers, I'm sorry to disappoint you. Like all GREAT anime series, I decided to do some filler so that I still have something else to write next time hahaha.

So if you’d read Ladies first and Cloggers and you were left wondering or thinking “Mana dia tahu semua ni?” or “Yeah right muz like you really know everything” or “Like good good je muz ni”. Well, let just say that I’ve been with a lot of women and some of them were high profiles babe (wow). Nyum nyum....

Nor Zalia Sham (ex MTV vj)
This is my first love when I first set my foot in ITM. She was my senior (not from the same course) in her final year then. The first few months were like fairy tales. Like beauty and the beast (ok, i'm the beast). Things were great between us until she graduated. The thing is we have different priorities in life at that time. Come on I’m just an 18 years old kid back then and she expect me to commit seriously into our relationship? You got to be kidding me babe! She was so pissed off she broke our relationship and soon after I got an invitation for her wedding. She is now happily married (well at least that what she kept telling me until today). I was heartbroken until I met….

Mariam Adam (Blast off! Vj)
I was left
miserable with my breakup (with Zalia) but what better way to have a revenge then to date your ex sworn nemesis? Hahaha I know I’m a naughty person but I just can’t help it and it does help that Mariam was a hottie herself. Since Mariam, I never look at another woman the same way again. She re-defines the meaning of beauty-with-brains, sexy-with-attitude, etc. Things were really smooth between us until she decided to further her studies to Australia. At first I was happy for her but after a while, it’s not fun anymore to see your girl having the fun of her life partying every night with some cute bloke in her friendster/myspace page. I guess I have some insecurity issues with myself and distant relationship so I decided to call it off. That fcuking bitch was so happy that I broke up with her, she even has the nerve to write it all over the place (bulletin boards, blog,emails) that she is now finally single and invited everybody to the party she hosted just to celebrate it. Yeah, after Mariam I never look at another woman the same way again. *sob*sob*sob*

Dian Sastrowirdoyo (Actress)
After my failure with Mariam, I decided not to date with any celebrity anymore but I guess cupid has second thought on that. I still remember the first time I met Dian. She was wearing a kebaya (nyum nyum) and I just can’t turn my head away. I knew then, that if there is someone that I would love to bring back home to meet my parents it’s got to be her. She was an angel, ala 'perempuan melayu terakhir'. Okay there were language issues but who need to talk when we can just stare at each other and be happy? Well that was until I found out she cheated on me for Malique (Too Phat). Is she that stupid to think that I wont read URTV or Mangga (demmit! Ok it’s not what you think)? When I confronted her, she cried and said it was just marketing strategy to help to boost up her popularity here in Malaysia. That still pissed me off until today. A cheater is a no-no for me, so I called it off. Soon after I heard Dian and Malique also broke up and Malique almost went crazy because of it. Poor bastard, if only he knew he was just a toy hahaha…

Fasha Sandha (Actress)
After Dian, I had a short fling with up and coming actress (then la, now dah establish dah), Fasha Sandha. She was Ok I guess. Seriously! I even thought of giving this fling a serious thought. She was for me, flawless except for her voice. Okay her voice was funny but heck, everything come in a package right? But she should have know that I love the song “The verve – The drugs don’t work” for a reason. When she was caught in a house of a drug trafficker I was so so
bolt from the blue! and she could have come up with better excuses than “I just went there to borrow some DVD hunny! Trust me!” yeah right baby. I wonder if her voice has something to do with the drugs. hhmm….

Well I know all of you wouldn't belive it but heck I'm not here to justify myself. Hahahaha ... Happy happy holidays everybody!

28 November 2005


I hate middle lane cloggers ... Period!

It’s been a week past since my last entry (I told that it gonna take me some time rite? =p). Nothing much happen except that i finally felt the freedom of life (well at least until the time come for me to endure my mom nagging me to find a real job) for the first time since post-spm. Aaaaaa how I wish life would be this easy, cool eh? Ok let’s continue from last entry shall we ...

Case 2:
After Saliha had accepted Hafiz for who he is, Saliha had never felt any happier in life. Well at least for the first few months. After a few months she started to notice that he had pay less attention to her needs. When she talks, he was busy watching the idiot box. When she calls, he was busy with works or friends. It seems he never had time for her. Is he losing interest on her?

Well apparently this actually has something to do with the X and Y (genes) of human being. According to some research (which I couldn't find it when I need it!) done, woman is just better at multitasking than man. While woman can look after their children, cooking, watch the telly and bitching with their girl at the phone at the same time, the most a man can do is to talk cock with his buddies and smoke. Heck I can't even read newspaper while I'm eating! So girls, when you watch the telly with your boy and you still want to talk, try to do it during the commercials. When he says he has a lot of work, he is. Give em some slack, it’s not our fault that we just not as capable as you are. So the next time you felt he can’t spend that much time with you, sit back and feel good cause you know, he just a poor guy who have to spend twice as much time when you could probably finish in half. Hahaha demmit!

Case 3:
Farah had been married for 2 years and next week is her wedding anniversary. She has been dying for a particular Prada shoes as a gift. So she asked her husband out to the shop and praise how beautiful that shoe is. She keep on praising it until they went back home. She'll hope her husband would understand her hints and buy her that shoe. When the anniversaries arrive, she got a gift alright, a Photo Ipod 40G. Being a non-tech savvy person she was left dejected.

Man is an egoistic maniac to the point of stupid. And don’t bother asking them this cause they would never admit it. Ask for what you want. Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! If you want a Prada shoes, just say you want a Prada shoes. If you want a Gucci bag, just say it. Cause if you not, they would buy something that they can also use. They buy u a blender, a digital camera, anything that indirectly they also want it. So why waste buy two stuffs when you can get away with one? This way they can say "Hey I didn't forget our anniversary okay, I did buy you bla bla bla.....” and at the same time "Err if you not using that bla bla bla…., can I use it for a while?" Now who says we don’t love you?

Next: It seems done and doom! Is there anything you can do about it? Fret not my ladies because there is always a way how to whip his ass and make him wiggle his tail..... "Here boy, here boy, ,,,,,,,, good boy"

18 November 2005

Ladies first

Hahaha finally siap juge thesis yang hampeh tu. I had this on my mind for some time already (dalam dok tension-tension buat thesis hahaha). Okay this entry is for all you ladies out there which is something you should know about your man. So guys, you can just skip this, but heck, you still welcome to read it anyway. So here goes....

P/s: read with an open mind. I don’t need another feminist activist in my life

Case 1:
Saliha had been single for about 8 month and she felt she is ready to meet new people in her life. During her birthday party, she was introduced to Hafiz, a very good looking guy. Immediately Saliha felt chemistry between them. Soon after they were exchanging numbers and after a few months (and a couple of dates), she was head over heels for him and she felt she is ready to take it to the next level. He has everything she ever dreamt of. He is good looking, financially stable, sweet, romantic, caring and have good sense of humor. However he isn't all made of sugar, spice and everything nice. He also has something that she loathes. He smoke, flirts around, and has some degree of temper. But she loves him too much that she hopes she can change him around after they are officially together.

This is typical problem faced by woman today cause we all have to accept, nothing is perfect and that all good things comes in package (with the bad one). While it’s always noble to change someone to the better, it’s not always the case like in this one. According to Professor Muz from University-know-it-all, you can never change a guy (except for some ISOLATED cases). While you think you can, most of the time, they just deceived you to think that you’ve changed them. If he was a jerk before, he still is. If he was a player before, he still is. Perbezaan nya selepas ber’kapel’, lelaki pandai berlakon depan awek dorang. Depan awek nampak baik, jujur, iklhas, cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang. Tapi belakang hahahah. The only thing you can do is accept him for who he is. Don’t even think that you can change him. If you think you can compromise, then you know what to do. If you think you can’t live with any of his bad habits, then you know what to do. Tak guna dah lepas tu nak menangis atau menyesal cause you’ll only get remarks like “I told you so…….”

Case 2: To be continued ….. . (I just had a feeling it gonna take me some time to complete this hahaha)

George Williams

I was suppose to be on hiatus at least until I finished all my errands but I just can't help it but to dedicate this entry for a 'boy' (he is definitely not a man) named George Williams. Argh that ‘bastard’ is driving me crazy!! I wish I just can poke a stick in his ass and smack his head and wipe that evil smile of his face. There you go I said it all. Demit! Okay if you wondering who this ‘bastard’ that goes by the name of George Williams, he is one of the character of Desperate Housewives. Ala the one yang ada affair with Bree Van de Kamp. George such a bastard that he even turn me to hate Bree which I never did in the first season. I was suppose to finished my thesis but I can’t help it but to watch the second season (currently dah episode 7 dah). Desperate Housewives is addictive. Damn you Marc Cherry!! I need to finish my thesis la brader.

Banyak benda nak cerita argh, but muz need to complete his thesis which is due next Monday. Later, Kiss kiss!!

10 November 2005


Hip hip horrayy!! Its been a while since I last blogging but that wasn't this happy-mood all about. Its the 7th day of Aidilfitri, ( better late than never so Selamat Hari Raya! ) but this also wasn't the reason for the happy-mood. The reason I'm overly in joyous mood is, for the first time in my life (24 years that is) I managed to fast for the whole Ramadhan!! I'm so proud of myself that i give a pat on my own back and even thinking of give my own self some duit raya. Mungkin most of it hanya lah lapar dan dahaga sahaja yang aku dapat, but hey it have to start somewhere kan? =)

On the other note, alot of thing happens during my 2 weeks holiday. From arguing with my mom and packed my stuff back on the 2nd of Aidilfitri and went back to shah alam, to going back home on the 3rd cause I felt so bad. From Salon (whats with the every-commercial-break-promotion?) to Chicken Little. From losing 2kg during 1 month of Ramadhan only to gained it back in a few days of Syawal. Hahaha =p

Oh well wouldnt want to write about any of those anyway so I just have to sign off now.

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