25 December 2005

Jingle bell rocks!

Dear Santa,
I hope its not too late for me to sent you my wishes. I mean, I've been a good boy all year long so surely I deserve something. So here are my wishlist :-

Well Santa I hope I didn't ask for too much. If there are anything else that I wish, I will let you know and lastly, Have a happy Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho

Yours Sincerely,

Mental Muz

20 December 2005

Another quickie

Woohooooo!!!!!! The truth is, I created this blog just as a medium to get free from the tense of completing my thesis and today result dah keluar. Dengan hati gembira nya amik half-day. Pergi cyber cafe to check my results.


What a joke! I never thought i could get an A for it. The most I thought was A- but I guess I did a good job on sucking my project supervisor's ass. If there is something that I really good at, this is it. And if there is something that I knew so well of, its woman. So I dedicated this entry to my project supervisor, Puan Nina Korlina Binti Madzhi, thank you very much la puan. U make my day. And I would also like to thank all my friends yang sudi menemani daku, chat with me when im stress, read and leave comment on my nonsense blog which I wrote masa tgh blank to complete my thesis, thank you very much. =)

Okay here is a tip for those who still havent completed their thesis, GET A BREAK!! the wisest thing I did was to take 1 week break to Bali. Masa tu semua orang cakap aku buat kerja gile cause project tak siap lagi, tapi pergi berfoya foya pule but I never really care. I was so stress back then and I knew if I didnt do something about it, I'm going to break down. So I took a week break and when I came back, rasa lebih tenang je nak siapkan thesis. What I'm trying to say is, we do need a little break now and then. Dont push yourself too much ya.

Anyway I have to go now, so good luck and take care everybody!!

p/s: Ok ok, nanti-nanti I will complete the ending for Ladies First and Cloggers. I promise!

13 December 2005

Quick update

Okay here a quick update about my latest happenings:
  1. I had my hair cut and it sucks
  2. I started my practical training and it tired like hell. what the.
  3. I have an upcoming interview to look foward to
  4. I'm going to Penang for that particular interview (yeay!)
  5. I'm dying to get this particular job
  6. My life sucks without broadband connection around. Rasa macam stone age aje
  7. Wish me luck for my interview
  8. Wish me again
  9. Thank you for wishing me

So guys, be good ya while I'm not around or no present for you cause santa hate naughty boy/girl. Kiss kiss!!

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