20 July 2006


So as I stated previously, 2 weeks ago I went back to KL. You know what they said, there is no place like home. Oh well, I should have known cause on the first night I'm back, KL reminds me what I missed the most about KL. The rude and inconsiderate inhabitant of this cosmopolitan. Check it out yo!

Oh yes, the very first night I arrived home >( Due to parking constraint at my house, I have to park my car in front of the house. When I woke up that morning tengok my car kena bang I was really pissed. I know last time when I lost my wheels I wasnt upset but to see my car kena bang macam ni and there is no one to blame is a whole different story. You know, its like you lost a football match and there is no Ronaldo to blame for his weight, or the kayu referree, or zidane for his headbutt. THERE IS NO ONE TO BLAME AND THAT PISSES ME OFF!!! I wish I could blame my cat ke, the tree ke, anything la. As long as there is someone/something to put the blame on. Sedih tau tsk tsk tsk when I have to pay ratus2 and I cannot claim it was somebody else's fault =(

Anyway I've decided that I'm going to be on hiatus for a while. No, I'm not gonna closed this blog down. I hope I can blog again soon (",). Cheers ya all!

04 July 2006

home sweet home

I'm going back home. Yeaayyy!!

Yes I can't wait for the finals of World Cup 2006. Bosan la tengok dekat mamak. Takde party vibe langsung. Well, last 2 week adalah beach party organized by Hitz.Fm and Hotlink at Feringghi. With hot babe in spaghetti and hot pants, I couldn't complain much. But thats the only highlite of this world cup la, every other night semua nya dull. Oh well, I hope KL will have a massive party just like 2002. That would be cool. *drool*

So I'll see you guys over the weekend? KL heeerrrreeeee I cccooommmeeeeeeee!!!!Woohhooo!! X-P

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