27 June 2007

Ying yang

I have a good news and a bad news. The good news is, I will still be around for another year or so. The bad news is, I will still be around for another year or so. I am so naive, I knew I should have slip that RM50 together with my application form. :(

25 June 2007

Project dah habis!

Yeay! Like finally!

Its 0033hrs now. I have missed so many things over the past few mo
nth that I don't even know where to start. I can vaugely remember the last time I went back home. I didn't kept my promise to take my family for a holiday. I lost a family member and I didn't manage to visit her while I can. I missed so many weddings invitations. I can't entertainted my friends who were in town and all these for this stupid project? You got to be fcuking kidding me! It better be a revolution for the mankind or I'm so gonna be pissed off with my self grrr....

On the bright side, I did manage to take a break during my hectic schedule. Just like what I did while I'm completing my thesis though this time its only 4 days instead of a week hehehe but hey, I'll take that anyday. I went to Pulau Redang earlier this month. Beautiful place, beautiful weather, beautiful beach, semua lah beautiful :p and I even did my first scuba dive there woot woot! XD

Tempat lepak lepas penat main air :p

The beach

On the way back, we made a stop at a place for lunch. We had eel soup. I'm not a big fan of any of the sea creature but considering I've ate bugs and grasshopper while I'm in Bangkok, I guess its not that bad. Don't ask me how it taste. It is still a fish, and for me all fish taste the same. Just like chicken, tak kira la ayam kampung ke, ayam serama ke, it is still chicken and it should still taste like chicken. You don't eat chicken and taste it like bread do you? Okay I know, saya ignorant. Gesh, some people are really hard to please.

Ever felt like eating something long and slimmy?

(WTF??? Why I can't change the fcuking font after I inserted the picture?? This font is fcuking ugly la. Hello google if you reading this, please fix the stupid bug at this blogspot posting editor thank you very much.)

Anyway, berbalik kepada kisah saya, don't ask me where is this place. I don't know and I couldn't care less. Its not like I want to come back just for the food. I mean, if I want to eat something nasty, I should just head to Nasi Kandar Line Clear. I once played with a cat with my feet only to realize it was actually a rat. Oh yeaaahhhh, it was that big, but thats not the point. Oklah whatever.

Its 0126hrs, so it took me approximately 1hrs to complete a single post with less than 500 words. eerrr.... maybe I should start reading again.

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