26 May 2006

This or that

Sometimes I wonder,

"Why we can't always have what we want?"

P. Perhentian 120506

Or was it,

"Why we always wan't something we can't have?"

03 May 2006


In case you haven't heard, tomorrow at exactly 1.02.03 AM we will have a sequence of 010203040506. They said it only happens once in a millenium. I said thats stupid. I can also say on the 1.02.03 AM, 5th of April this year the same thing happens (4/5/06) since at some part of this world we would write the date by month first. Or I can also said that on the 1st of Febuary 2003 at 4.05.06 AM the same thing happens if I decided to put the date first instead of the time. But who cares anyway.

Anyway last weekend had been a great weekend for me. A good friend of mine, Ninie came over to Penang and made me realise that there are still some things to keep me sane, friends. So we go jalan-jalan around Penang with no purposes. But on the sad note, another good friend of mine, Aiza, is leaving Penang for Kulim. Well I owe perempuan ni alot jugak, from my current job, my room, take me out for makan-makan, banyak laaaaa. Weh perempuan! you don't go berlagak-berlagak over there okeh. Kulim is definitely no match for Penang la. Jangan cakap karaoke, McDonalds also don't have ngahahaha.

L-R : Feddy, Ninie and Niza

On Sunday we attend a collegue's weddings, so Azman I know you won't be reading this but I just want to say Congratulations dude!!! Bodoh la semua orang dah settle down while I'm still living in my fantasy world. I mean, why would you want to jeopardise your freedom for marriage? But its okay, I know someday you guys will regret it anyway ngahahaha

And oh ya, did I mention I'm going to Perhentian next week? Okay I haven't. Saja je nak kasi korang jelous. Later!!

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