28 February 2006

The value of 30 cents

10 years ago, 30 cents would valued to
  1. 7 bijik gula-gula (20sen 5)
  2. 3 ais krim batang
  3. 1 1/2 karipap (20sen 1)
  4. sebatang dunhill
Ever wonder how much 30 cents valued today?
  1. Higher inflation
  2. Increase in electricity bills
  3. Increase for groceries items
  4. Increase for public transportation rate
  5. Semuanya increase laaaa
but the most important of all, the increase in my monthly petrol budget!

Some might say, "apalah nak kecoh-kecoh, 30 sen aje. Nak beli rokok sebatang tak lepas" or "argh, aku bukan naik kereta, bukan nya effect pun kat aku". But try to look it from other perspective. 30 cent raise is equavalent to 18.52% increament. Imagine before this you been spending RM200 per month for petrol, next month you'll be spending RM237.04 just for petrol. Okay RM37.04 is not that much? How about the (absolutely guaranteed) price increase for groceries items? or bills? or every other stuff?

As we all know, everything needs transportation. Vege/fruits from farm to the market. Products from the factory to the outlet. etc. etc. All these items need transportation to take them from one point to another and we all know, car/lorry/bus/train/plane/ship don't run with water. So with another petrol hike, who gonna absorb the increase in expenditure? Certainly for any businesses they don't want to absorb it. So in then end we as end user who will suffer. So an increased petrol price would indirectly affect the whole nation whether you driving a luxury SUV or just riding you mountain bike to school. And the funny thing is, our salary have been stagnant for the past 10 years or so. Imagine if we all have a 18.52% increament also. Wow!

Now who says 30cent can't buy you anything these days?

18 February 2006

The day I Pimp my wheels!

Okay the incident didnt happen today but heck, who cares anyway. So here goes..

It was 7a.m in the morning. I was ready to go to work. Okay sebelum tu I might as well story about the place I'm currently staying. I'm staying in Batu Uban. Haven't heard of it before? Don't worry, so am I. There are like 3-4 condos around this area with weird weird name such as E-park and mine is N-Park (dont ask me what it means cause I tried to ask the guard once but I end up crying and begging for him to stop). The thing that I hate about condos/apartment is, they only allocated 1 parking space for 1 house. Whats wrong with developer these days? Don't they know that Malaysians is damn rich that almost all house have 2 or more cars. But anyway since my parking space was taken by my housemate, I have to park my baby Kenari outside the compound. I was so afraid that I bought a stupid steering lock just to impress any possible car theft. Apparently it works cause they were so impress that they decided not to steal my car. But being a creative malaysians (or pendatang), they decided to steal my wheels instead.

Dont complain about the picture quality cause I dont bring digi cam to work okay

Seriously when I see it, I was not suprise at all cause I knew something like this would happens one day (though I always thought it would never happens to me heehee). I didnt feel angry or irritated. I know it sounds weird, but you should have seen the face of the Iswara owner next to me when he saw his wheel was stolen. He was sooo freak out that I dont know whether I should cry or laugh. Well at least that makes my day ngahahaha.

Again, dont complain about the picture quality.

The reasons why I didnt freak out is because I find it funny that they only stole the stock rims AND they only took 2 rims. I never thought that Penangite have a thing for stock rims. Oh well, maybe for them, having 2 different sets of stock rim on their car would make it look 'cool' kot. So let it be Muz, let it be.

But then I realised, fcuk! Why is this Iswara got two bricks (one for each tyre) and I only got 1? Then I started to pissed off. Ini sudah lebey! The theft stole 2 of my alloy rims and they can only give me only 1 brick to support the car from falling to the tarmac? and they gave that Iswara 2 brick? This is fcuking discrimination! Just because my plate number from KL doesnt means I dont have the right to have 2 bricks! I was so pissed that I nearly cry until I realised Aiza is here to pick me up for work (I know you reading this, thank you very much for saving my butt yet again!). Being a macho person, I decided that not to cry until I can spent some quality time with baby Kenari.

So that evening I went to the nearby tyre shop and fork out RM50 for a ugly looking second hand 'rim besi' + second hand tyre and another RM50 to bribe my condo's guard for a parking space inside (more or less like protection money gak la) and now my baby Kenari have insecurity issues ever since cause I swear I can hear she says "Muz, this 'rim besi' makes me ugly. Do you want people to tease me? How am I suppose to face others at your workplace? Dont you love me anymore?" Yelah yelah I know where my next paycheck gonna go lar

P/s: For all you rim theft out there, please be courteous and bring enough brick. Its the least you can do. Batu pun hang nak kedekut ke? What a cheapskate.

12 February 2006

I SAW it!

Its been a while that I actually have so much free time that I thought of blogging. This week I have an extra day off due to Thaipusam. Not that it make much different cause I still end up staying at home due to 'unusually' heavy traffic just outside my house (Yes, I can see it from up here), but anyway I am so excited to write about something else that you would never believe. Behold of what I'm gonna tell you.

But first, have you read today's Berita Minggu? Well if you haven't, please read this article first. It was printed on the front page of today's Berita Minggu. Okay political difference aside, 'What on earth an elected MP do that he can actually talk about it in front page of national paper regarding this matter'? Or in other word, 'Dah takde kerja ke?' But its okay, Im not gonna write about that anyway, but I'm gonna write about big foot or also known as mawas (in malay). Belive it or not, you dont have to go all the way to Johor to look for it, when I can gladly tell ( and prove it as well) of my personal encounter with 'it'. Yes, I SAW 'it' a month back when I first came to Penang.

It was on the 16th of January 2006. Due to my eagerness to explore new horizon, I decided to go to Bukit Jambul. It was there when (unfortunately ) I saw 'it'. The first time I saw '
it', I was so afraid that my legs numb. I swear if I had the chance to turn back time, I would have skip that day. For 2 nights I had sleepless night due to this incident and here we have a bunch of morons who actually went looking for 'it'. Lucky for me I did bring my trusted old digicam with me and what a lucky bunch of people you are cause I actually managed to snap a picture of it. Sounds like loads of bollocks? Have a look here. Scary kan?

Till then, 'Jangan biarkan hidup anda di selubungi misteri......'

09 February 2006


Okay I've been tagged by Iris but I gonna answer each question with just one word. Sorry lah abit lazy lately heehee.

  1. Muz
  2. Muzzie
  3. Muzzo

  1. Mental Muz
  2. Donkey
  3. Visualize

  1. Smart
  2. Independent
  3. Confidence

  1. None (yes I'm so full of myself)
  2. -none-
  3. -none-

  1. Malay
  2. Malay
  3. I'm out and out malay

THREE THINGS THAT SCARE YOU (or mostly creep you out):
  1. Impotency
  2. Cancer (Okay, I am a smoker $%^*#)
  3. Girls (some of them)

  1. Broadband
  2. celly
  3. Ciggies

  1. Socks
  2. T-shirt
  3. Thats all

THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE BANDS (or artists at the moment):
  1. Incubus
  2. H.I.M
  3. Damien Rice

  1. I got a feeling - OST of Beck the anime (Originally done by The Beatles)
  2. Damien Rice - Cannonball
  3. Sorry - Madonna

  1. Bangkok (and whatever it may offer =P)
  2. Manicure and pedicure
  3. Saving money

THREE THINGS YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP (love included in the package)
  1. Sex
  2. Thats it je kut

  1. World is round
  2. Life is fun
  3. Kristen Dunst just call me 5 mins ago

  1. I'm a boring person so I have no one to tagged.
  2. Yes you can do this if you want to.
  3. Fasha Sanda

Okay I cheat. I know I said 1 word for every question but at least I tried heehee

05 February 2006

Just when I thought..

Just when I thought that I would never blog again, here I am again . The reason why it took me so long to blog is that I've been very busy. Yes, that is so cliche, I know.

Honestly, sebenarnya saja je taknak update biar nampak macam sibuk sangat-sangat walaupun sebenarnya takde lah sibuk mana pun heehee. Work is fine and fun but I will blog about that later.

Okay back to what I really wanted to write. Someone told me, "muz, you should have be writing about women, not men". Well I would only if I can understand them in the first place. Even if I can figure out rocket science, I can never figure out women. But of course, that just an understatement of how complicated they are. Hahahaha, yes I am funny and I know it. So let’s continue from where I left shall we.

Okay this is only for those who are already married only. If your not, apply at your own risk. Period.
So how exactly can you manipulate/control your men with sex? No, not by being on top or running around with that whiplash though I would have liked that.

So we know men have bigger ego than their brain. Most of the time they would love to think they are “the” men. Bitching with their boys how they break your back and all when in fact, they not. So ladies this is what you have to do. Ssscccreeeaaammmm (but not that loud) every time you have sex with them. Pretend that he is really "the" man. Praise him, moan and if you can sweat deliberately, that’s even better! So that when it’s over (which is usually around 5-10 mins) he really think he work you out. Once its over, you have to act fast (right before he falls asleep due to tiredness) and ask whatever you want and believe me, he’ll agree to anything you say. Wow.

…. And no, I’m not writing this based on personal experience.

Okay I have to admit, I hate it when women cries. It just pisses me off but most the time I just have to give in to make them stop crying. Crying actually works anyway that you like. When he treats you bad, you cry. When he makes you happy, you cry. When you want something, just cry non stop until he give up. But on second thought, don’t cry. Nobody likes a cry baby. You can just use the other 3 tips I gave. Save this one only for special occasions. Heehee =D


Yeay! Finally I finished juge this topic. Yes I know its crap but I just need to finish this so I can move on with other stuff like why do we celebrate valentine when it only make singles feel lonely or why am I here stuck in Penang and missing all the fun in KL or why Cik Puan Muda Stress always have an issue with me. Oh how I wish Fasha Sandha is here next to me. Nyum nyum.

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