17 March 2010

The stupid G

Is it just me or is it that the G is actually really broke? Who ever that came up with RM50 service tax on principal credit card should be tie to the pole and be kicked repeatedly until he/she beg for forgiveness for being born stupid. Yeah I mean just admit you stupid .... and broke. Everyone knows the G is broke. Only them themselves who denies this. They came up with the logic that "The ordinary people has been spending excessively beyond their credit means" well you know what G, I say a big F you. If you think people cannot afford this then blame the banks. The stupid banks have been giving away credit card like the hooker been giving BJ to their customer. It was that easy .... and cheap.
Reportedly there are 11million credit card in Malaysia. you do your own math and see how the G just want some quick bucks. For F sake, you should make at least an extra 100mil out of nothing you give in return. That sounds like a day light mugging I should stress. Yes, the G is actually mugging the people just because they are broke. That whats the thug usually do right? Mug others when they don't have any money. Gosh I just don't know how people can cope with this bunch of incompetence as their leader. F you G.

03 March 2010

What happen to 2009?

So what really happen in 2009? Did I missed it or what? There is no single post for 2009. Man, that sucks. It's like 2009 never exist in my life. Like it just skip from 2008 to 2010. I can't believe I didn't write a single post in 2009. Ah well, I guess I have to start all over again then.

So for each new year there will be a new year resolution. I know I didn't have any last year (well most probably because I didn't write it here) but this year I plan to have a new year resolution. Its March but fuck, I still want a new year resolution just so I sounded cool this year. So here is my new year (in March) resolution

1. Run 365km in 2010. That's 1km a day for those who were weak in Math. So far I have manage to run 1km for 2010. Not bad I guess. If my calculation is correct, I should be able to finish my 365km target in 2017. Since 2012 is doomsday, maybe I should just scrap this resolution.

2. Write more in here. I spend most of 2009 reading books, so I want to spill all those creative juice in 2010. I so want to put naaaafffnang in here so my blog will look cooler. They say you can make good money of blogging. I must have hang out with the wrong crowd cause none of my blogger friend told me that.

3. I want to be a internet troll.

4. I still want to buy the Adidas ZX 500. KLCC, you better watch out.

Ok maybe that's all for tonight. Its freaking 1:40am. Get a life Muz. Nite!

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