21 September 2005

The long awaited

When i first saw this picture I was like ..... wow! I mean u got to give it to Malaysia Airlines (MAS) for coming up with this adorable paint job. Since the introduction of AirAsia I felt MAS was not as aggresive as AirAsia in terms of advertising and promotion and not doing something about it but I guess this baby reply all my doubts with a bang!!! Even other top airliners dont have this kind of paintjob on their baby. Anyway this Boeing 747-4H6 really blows my mind. It just felt like watching one movie called "Soul Plane" har har har. Just when I tought MAS were doing pretty good with the paint job on this 747, they just suprise me with another paintjob but this time on the Boeing 777-2H6/ER. This is the latest of the major changes I notice from MAS. Another beautiful paintjob I must admit. This picture was taken a few weeks ago at Subang Airport. Just out of the oven baby!! Owh I just can't wait to see what they'll do with the new AirBus ought to arrive in 2007 (yeah with all the delays what a bump!) and hopefully it will be as funky as these baby. Don't you just proud to be Malaysian? =)

p/s: all pictures taken from www.airliners.net

20 September 2005

well said ...

... and in the end the love we take is equal to the love we make - Beatles. Why does did phrase really means alot to me? Isit because Lennon sold his soul to the demon or isit because it just well said? I just can't get it out my head ever since i first saw it. I guess because how much it relates to me (and maybe others too). How many time that we were only willing to take but not give ? How many time we expect others to be around but not around when they expecting us ? Well I know I've been taking too much without giving as much and in the end I just got what i deserve. It's time for a change and thats the reason why i choose this phrase as my blog title and this blog will be here to witness my changes ....

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