18 March 2007

masa itu lagi

Bloody blogger trick me into moving to the new version of blogger. Wehh!!! I like my old ID la! So now I have to type my full email address each time I want to login to blogger? Crap la wey, ingat pendek ke email aku. tskkkk...

Yeay, its that time of the year again. Its my birthday woot woot!
So what did I get for my birthday? Jeng jeng jeng

Ixus 60

I know I wish for an 8Mp digital camera before but hey, I guess this will do. For that special someone who gave me this, thank you very much. I love you so much. Shut up Muz!! Okay I lied, the truth is I treat myself for this camera as my birthday gift. Tsk tsk tsk I know its pathetic but weh, sapa yang nak bagi aku digital camera la weh? Dah dah tak payah nak bagi remarks 'ala sapa suruh you beli dulu, I baru igt nak belikan you' I know you guys dont meant it ggrr ... >(

My mom wish for my 27th birthday at 4.27pm. Hello mama? Seriously lah sometimes I felt my mom like teasing with my feelings. How can you even forget your son's age? Ok so I forgot her age once or twice but takkan nak balas dendam pulak. At least I always mistaken her age to be younger than she should be, thats a compliment la kan? kan? Oh well whatever it is, I still love you the same tehehehe :op

Anyway you people know the drill, be nice.

12 March 2007

setelah sekian lama

Ya, setelah sekian lama akhirnya I'm updating this blog. Wow that must have been the longest break I ever had. Well its not really a break, work is still a pig. Heehee...

Its been so long that I write that I don't really know what to write. Macam kereta la jugak kan, kalau dah lama tak start mesti agak susah nak start kan hahaha XD. Hopefully this entry will kickstart this blog again

Anyway I received quite a feedback from my previous post. Some from known acquaintance, some from new visitor. I appreciate all comments, thanks alot. Until then, cheers.

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