07 November 2010

Dey thambi!!

Its 4.15am and I still can't sleep. I'm sure it's not that I had too much sleep during the day that causes it. Something bothering me but I just can't figure it out. What is this freaking feeling? Suddenly I'm feeling mellow and start to listen to Innuendo songs all over again, which by the way is a really good band I must say. Still remember the days when I would laze in my bed with Innuendo cassette on repeat mode and feeling all fuck up on my sad love life. "Its me against the world!!" I would cry myself to sleep. The cassette is long gone. So don't ask me if I still have it or not. Even if I still have it I would be too ashamed to admit I still use cassette until up to late 2007. Youtube have allowed me to relieve some of the songs. And why the fuck do I end up to talk about Innuendo is beyond me.

So whats up you ask? nothing much actually. I'm currently on work assignment in India. Been here for a good 4 weeks now. Still another 10 days to go before I return home. Can't wait for it. Miss my wife and son badly. I have never been away from him this long so I just hope he still remembers me when I return! lol. He is learning so fast right now. Everyday I would miss something new while I'm here. I promise when I got back I will make for lost time ok boy?

Since I'm writing, I might as well wrote something about this trip while listening to 'Innuendo - If I could' on youtube. Don't expect me to write a travelogue-like entry though cause I don't have time for that shit. lol.

The first weekend I arrived here I had the chance to join the big Dasara Mysore celebration in Mysore. Google on it if you want more info on it cause I don't know every little details of it. So off we went from the good ol Banglore to Mysore. The distance is around 140km but it took us 4 hours to reach Mysore! The road was terrible and the traffic is a pain in the back. Did I told you the traffic was a nightmare? Meh. Even nightmare is not the appropriate word to describe the traffic here. Some pictures at Mysore

Going to Mysore during Dasara celebration was kind of bad idea. Too many cars and too many people. We can't enter the Mysore Palace as the que was too long. In the end we just manage to take picture from the outside and went to have our lunch. I had ghee paratha with chicken kabab which cost me about Rs100. The shop was really dirty, much like our famous Nasi Kandar Line Clear but sebab dah lapar, tutup mata telan jelah haha. Then go to the mosque to pray. After that off we went to Brindavan Garden. I would like to blog about it tapi tiba2 macam dah malas kan hahaha. so maybe next time I'll continue if rajin. ngantuk la plak ok. chow.

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