25 September 2006


Wwweeeeeeeeeee!! How time flies that I almost forgot that I've been blogging for a year now! Hip hip hooray to this blog! Happy anniversary you stupid blog. I hope you can survive another year with me. Hahaha

Last week was pretty hectic for me. Heck, even the word hectic seems like an understatement. For the whole weekdays (except for fridays) I have to come into office at 8am and leave at 10pm on average. Thats a good 14 hours of work. The frustrating thing is, I'm doing stuff that doesn't even require my brain to work. I was using like 0.0032% of my full potential. Oh well, its their lost that they don't how to fully utilise a genius. tsk tsk tsk =(

Anyway last weekend I managed to catch 'The devil wears prada'. Its a nice movie but I'm not gonna spoil it all for you guys by writing my review about it. While I'm watching it I can't help but ask myself, "how far will someone go to achieve their dreams?" I mean isit all worth it? The more time you spent for work, the less time you spent for yourself, your loves one, your friends and your family. Life is not like Astro MAX where you can play, pause and resume anytime you like. Isit really worth it to miss your partner's birthday because you have dinner to attend? Isit really worth it spoil your family vacation because you had to work?

Okay before I sign off I want to wish all muslims, Selamat Berpuasa and jangan kalah to lipas okay hahahaha. Baibai.

14 September 2006

Mood swing baby swwiinggggg

Sorry for the lack of updates. Life been pretty monotonous lately. Whats new with that eh? but recently I picked up on bowling. Its not that I'm anywhere near decent bowler let alone good bowler, but its something that I do to keep me sane. Its something to look foward to everyweek (besides the weekly movie outing of course). It's a good feeling when I imagine the pins were my boss, my collegues, my car financer and everybody else that pisses me off. I wish there are more than 10 pins in a bowling game so that I can imagine all of them (yes, there are MORE than 10 people that pisses me off). So any bowlers around Penang tak yg willing to teach me the proper way to bowl so that next time I bowl, I can hit all those annoying pins down. Tak best la my boss (pin nombor 10) asyik tak kena je =(

Anyway I had a terible mood swing lately and I don't even know why. If I were a woman, then maybe I can blame it on PMS ( not you CPMS) but the thing is, I am not. Last time I check, I'm still a perfectly healthy male. Well at least I think I am hehehe. I'm so sorry if I've annoyed you people lately, seriously I didn't mean it okay? =)

There are lots of thing going trough my mind rite now. One of them is I want to further my studies. Ada tak mana-mana sugar mummy nak sponsor my education? Tak rugi la, sebab I can do lots of stuff. I can fix your stuff, I can do house chores, heck... I even read the english newspaper for you. My english is not that bad but I do look stupid if I speak malay. So what say you sugar mummy out there? Is that a bargain or what? Hahahaha

On serious note, does anybody know any good engineering school especially in IC design or VLSI? If you do, please let me know okay? Cheers!

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