21 June 2006

best bola-bola mak mandin

Ok la, whats the fun of blogging if I for once never did blog about my favourite sports, football. I'm rooting for Holland this World cup with the mighty Ruud Van Nistelrooy bagging the golden boot awards but realisticly speaking, Brazil and Argentina seems by far the favourite for this year World Cup and we might seeing an all South American final for the world cup. That would be cool and I would'nt mind that at all.

Anyway I just realise that Johan yang jahat never had any proper closure. Muz, muz, you sure are getting old by the day and I just hate my age now. I mean whats with 25? I stuck somewhere in the middle you know. I definitely not on my early 20's teens or the late 20's adult. Its like I'm stuck in no man's land. The teens think I'm too old to hang out with and the adult thinks I'm too young to join them. Great! If I can wish for one thing, I would wish for unlimited cash to be spend. Yes I know it got nothing to do with age at all hahahaha.

Back to Johan yang jahat, well what can I say. Most of the comments are predictable. No, predictable is not a bad thing. Besides, there are no right or wrong in Johan yang jahat. I would like to think it as a different point of view rather than you are right, I am wrong kinda stuff.

So from the comments, most of us agree that Fasha, Johan, Joe and Kamal were all wrong. Well, I guess this is the typical human reaction when facing with a problem. The first thing we would do is to find someone to blame instead of attacking the problem itself. This shit happens on daily basis and became more obvious at corporate level. In the office, when the dateline is not met, when the project turns out bad, someone will be blame. People will point their finger to the next person just so they can save their ass. Its not a bad thing, its called survival. hahahaha yeah right.

First lets look at Fasha, Fasha is the culprit because she wears sexy outfit. Sapa suruh pakai sexy-sexy? (sounds familiar kan?) Its weird because this phrase only applies for rape VICTIM. Somehow, rape VICTIM is deem as the culprit here in Malaysia. When someone got rape, the first thing the public would do is blame the VICTIM. Sapa suruh pakai sexy-sexy? Sapa suruh jalan kat tempat gelap-gelap? Sapa suruh jalan sorang-sorang? bla bla bla... the thing is, she is the VICTIM!! I bet, no one on earth would want to be raped! If a woman is a victim of snacth theft, no one will blame her. No one would blame her even if she wears too many jewelry. No body cares if she was carriying her purse openly. People still treat her as the victim and the snacther as the culprit. So whats with this double standard?

Next lets look at Johan and Joe. Well I guess there are nothing much to write about Johan and Joe. There will always be another Johans and Joes around. No matter how stringent the law is, no matter how effective the enforcement is, there will always be someone opportunistic out there who want to take advantage over the helpless Fasha. Jahat la Johan dengan Joe ni >(

As for Kamal, well this is what I would call samseng kampung. The robin hood. But the truth is, two left doesnt make one right. The same would go for suicide bomber who killed the innocent public. It doesnt matter what your purpose is, the end result doesnt justify the means.

Last but not least, lets look at Pak Lah. I would like to think Pak Lah as YOU and ME. Yes, Pak Lah is US. We have the choice to make the world a better place. We can save lots of other Fasha by looking around us and for once, do something about it. Dont wait for Kamal to help Fasha when its already to late. Don't wait for the cleaner to pick up the garbage in front of us when we can pick it up ourselves. Dont wait for someone else to stop for an accident when you can stop and help yourself. The most important thing is, do not wait for someone else. If every one of us become more concern with everyone around us, I can assure you world will be a better place to live. Until then, don't forget to bring along your paper spray everywhere you go girls. Cheers! =b

16 June 2006

sixth month

Today marks the 6th month I'm here. Six month man, kalau time study dulu dah habis satu semester dah. Kalau pregnant, lagi 3 bulan dah beranak dah, Kalau bla bla bla... ok you get the drift =)

So let see whats new with me after six month. First, I lost my wheel. Marah punya pasal I spent RM2k for a new sets of wheel. Its a bloody waste of money but people do stupid stuff when they are upset or at least that what I would like to think la tsk tsk tsk.

Anywayyy, I've been working for six month and my savings now is reaching ..... RM0. Fcuk. Don't ask me why, it puzzles me as well. I think someone must been stealing my money cause it doesnt make sense at all. I'm not a shopaholic. In fact, the last time I shop was when I need to get a shirt for my dinner and that was 4 month ago and I'm certain I did not spend my money for entertainment, I mean, Penang? Entertainment? It just doesn't sounds right together (Unless your defination of entertainment is clubs with jinjang music). So thats why I made a conclusion that someone must be stealing my money, wait..... is toyol for real? cause if it is, then I can blame it on toyol then. Poor toyol hehehe.

So on this sixth month I made a promise to myself that by the end of the year, I must have enough savings for my 2 week gateaway holiday. Let just hope I dont involve in any serious relationship by then cause relationship/girls and savings just contradict themselves. Happy weekend!

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