07 November 2010

Dey thambi!!

Its 4.15am and I still can't sleep. I'm sure it's not that I had too much sleep during the day that causes it. Something bothering me but I just can't figure it out. What is this freaking feeling? Suddenly I'm feeling mellow and start to listen to Innuendo songs all over again, which by the way is a really good band I must say. Still remember the days when I would laze in my bed with Innuendo cassette on repeat mode and feeling all fuck up on my sad love life. "Its me against the world!!" I would cry myself to sleep. The cassette is long gone. So don't ask me if I still have it or not. Even if I still have it I would be too ashamed to admit I still use cassette until up to late 2007. Youtube have allowed me to relieve some of the songs. And why the fuck do I end up to talk about Innuendo is beyond me.

So whats up you ask? nothing much actually. I'm currently on work assignment in India. Been here for a good 4 weeks now. Still another 10 days to go before I return home. Can't wait for it. Miss my wife and son badly. I have never been away from him this long so I just hope he still remembers me when I return! lol. He is learning so fast right now. Everyday I would miss something new while I'm here. I promise when I got back I will make for lost time ok boy?

Since I'm writing, I might as well wrote something about this trip while listening to 'Innuendo - If I could' on youtube. Don't expect me to write a travelogue-like entry though cause I don't have time for that shit. lol.

The first weekend I arrived here I had the chance to join the big Dasara Mysore celebration in Mysore. Google on it if you want more info on it cause I don't know every little details of it. So off we went from the good ol Banglore to Mysore. The distance is around 140km but it took us 4 hours to reach Mysore! The road was terrible and the traffic is a pain in the back. Did I told you the traffic was a nightmare? Meh. Even nightmare is not the appropriate word to describe the traffic here. Some pictures at Mysore

Going to Mysore during Dasara celebration was kind of bad idea. Too many cars and too many people. We can't enter the Mysore Palace as the que was too long. In the end we just manage to take picture from the outside and went to have our lunch. I had ghee paratha with chicken kabab which cost me about Rs100. The shop was really dirty, much like our famous Nasi Kandar Line Clear but sebab dah lapar, tutup mata telan jelah haha. Then go to the mosque to pray. After that off we went to Brindavan Garden. I would like to blog about it tapi tiba2 macam dah malas kan hahaha. so maybe next time I'll continue if rajin. ngantuk la plak ok. chow.

17 March 2010

The stupid G

Is it just me or is it that the G is actually really broke? Who ever that came up with RM50 service tax on principal credit card should be tie to the pole and be kicked repeatedly until he/she beg for forgiveness for being born stupid. Yeah I mean just admit you stupid .... and broke. Everyone knows the G is broke. Only them themselves who denies this. They came up with the logic that "The ordinary people has been spending excessively beyond their credit means" well you know what G, I say a big F you. If you think people cannot afford this then blame the banks. The stupid banks have been giving away credit card like the hooker been giving BJ to their customer. It was that easy .... and cheap.
Reportedly there are 11million credit card in Malaysia. you do your own math and see how the G just want some quick bucks. For F sake, you should make at least an extra 100mil out of nothing you give in return. That sounds like a day light mugging I should stress. Yes, the G is actually mugging the people just because they are broke. That whats the thug usually do right? Mug others when they don't have any money. Gosh I just don't know how people can cope with this bunch of incompetence as their leader. F you G.

03 March 2010

What happen to 2009?

So what really happen in 2009? Did I missed it or what? There is no single post for 2009. Man, that sucks. It's like 2009 never exist in my life. Like it just skip from 2008 to 2010. I can't believe I didn't write a single post in 2009. Ah well, I guess I have to start all over again then.

So for each new year there will be a new year resolution. I know I didn't have any last year (well most probably because I didn't write it here) but this year I plan to have a new year resolution. Its March but fuck, I still want a new year resolution just so I sounded cool this year. So here is my new year (in March) resolution

1. Run 365km in 2010. That's 1km a day for those who were weak in Math. So far I have manage to run 1km for 2010. Not bad I guess. If my calculation is correct, I should be able to finish my 365km target in 2017. Since 2012 is doomsday, maybe I should just scrap this resolution.

2. Write more in here. I spend most of 2009 reading books, so I want to spill all those creative juice in 2010. I so want to put naaaafffnang in here so my blog will look cooler. They say you can make good money of blogging. I must have hang out with the wrong crowd cause none of my blogger friend told me that.

3. I want to be a internet troll.

4. I still want to buy the Adidas ZX 500. KLCC, you better watch out.

Ok maybe that's all for tonight. Its freaking 1:40am. Get a life Muz. Nite!

20 November 2008


I don't know if anybody still read this crap, anyway any loser who happens to still check out my blogs you are invited to attend to my wedding this Sunday 23rd November 2008 at Kompleks Sukan Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras (opposite HUKM). Do send me an email if you wish to come otherwise just crash the party. I know its a bit short notice but lantak lah kan hahaha

Yes, you read it right the first time. I am getting married this weekend :)

15 May 2008

The grass is NOT always greener on the other side

So finally after contemplating for a while I finally make that move. You know how you always thought the grass is greener on the other side of the field? Last week I found out it doesn't always work that way. I went for an interview with a sort-of-establish semiconductor company. The results? Don't bother with the results if the interview it self was really bad. I was hoping with my experience I would be asked question related to my work, yet I was asked question typically asked at fresh graduate. My bad anyway, I wasn't really prepared and I can't really answer even the most basic question. When you can't really answer the "1+1=2" of engineering when you applying for Engineering post, then you're in trouble. You know how at the end of the interview they always say "We will contact you in 3 weeks time if your indeed accepted", well in my case there were no such sayings only "Thank you for coming". Yes it was that bad that I wish I would have spend the hour or so watching porn rather than sitting in that room feeling miserably out of place. So for now, duduk diam-diam di Kulim sudah hehe :op

17 February 2008

The 90s

I was browsing trough my collection of mp3s when I came across 'Oasis - Don't look back in anger' track. If (What's the story) Morning glory is not one of 'the' best album of the last century or so, than I don't know what is! Listening to the bands now days is so boring. I miss the Nirvana, Radiohead, The Verve, Tupac Shakur (OK this is not a band) and the rest of the 90s. The gigs, the fan-zine, the doc' mart, the mini bus, the DIY your own cassette compilation, etc. I miss the time when my friends and I would swap cd's because we were just to poor to buy each on our own. Time tu valuable gile ok cd. With one cd you can swap with others and get 3-4 more poor quality (dub kat cassette) album hahaha. Now days who need cd when we have broadband to download mp3s or watch the video clip in youtube. sigh.

Yeah those were the days. Anyway, just to relive those days, I leave you guys with this video no thanks to youtube (the irony!). So tell me what do you miss the most?

03 February 2008

False alarm

Yeay! who would have thought I will be writing in here again, well I certainly don't :p but don't worry, this is just a false alarm. I just want to have an archive in the year of 2008 :op

Well lets see if this post will once again kick start my interest in blogging. Cheers

24 September 2007

Favourite quote of the month

Location : Gerai Nasi Lemak kat Kg Melayu Ampang
Time: 10+am
Date: 11 Sept 2007

Fat one: Panas sial Malaysia.
The shades: Argh kau mentang-mentang baru balik Malaysia berlagak pulak.
Fat one: Betul sial, dah la sakit perut.
The shades: Kau memang. Time-time nak dekat bulan puasa mula lah gastrik.
Fat one: Dah nak buat macam mana, itu kelebihan aku. Tuhan kasi masing-masing ada kelebihan masing-masing, dah itu kelebihan aku. Yang kau jelous apesal??

Classic hehehe XD

03 July 2007

You know you're in love..

When you did things you never thought you would do. I hope I made the right one..

27 June 2007

Ying yang

I have a good news and a bad news. The good news is, I will still be around for another year or so. The bad news is, I will still be around for another year or so. I am so naive, I knew I should have slip that RM50 together with my application form. :(

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