17 February 2008

The 90s

I was browsing trough my collection of mp3s when I came across 'Oasis - Don't look back in anger' track. If (What's the story) Morning glory is not one of 'the' best album of the last century or so, than I don't know what is! Listening to the bands now days is so boring. I miss the Nirvana, Radiohead, The Verve, Tupac Shakur (OK this is not a band) and the rest of the 90s. The gigs, the fan-zine, the doc' mart, the mini bus, the DIY your own cassette compilation, etc. I miss the time when my friends and I would swap cd's because we were just to poor to buy each on our own. Time tu valuable gile ok cd. With one cd you can swap with others and get 3-4 more poor quality (dub kat cassette) album hahaha. Now days who need cd when we have broadband to download mp3s or watch the video clip in youtube. sigh.

Yeah those were the days. Anyway, just to relive those days, I leave you guys with this video no thanks to youtube (the irony!). So tell me what do you miss the most?

I MISS YEWWW!! wakakaka... tak releven sgtss kannn!! :P
Hohoho... I love oasis!! Aku suka video 'Do you what I mean'. Cool gila nyanyi letak tangan dalam poket seluar... Anyway, I have those album "dont look back in anger"..

Leen : Muz miss you tooo... ***matila aku tolong jawabkan....
pakai balik doc mart
it's in pesen!!!
Don't look back in anger -- first song ever that I could play completely with the chords that I knew.. haha
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