15 May 2008

The grass is NOT always greener on the other side

So finally after contemplating for a while I finally make that move. You know how you always thought the grass is greener on the other side of the field? Last week I found out it doesn't always work that way. I went for an interview with a sort-of-establish semiconductor company. The results? Don't bother with the results if the interview it self was really bad. I was hoping with my experience I would be asked question related to my work, yet I was asked question typically asked at fresh graduate. My bad anyway, I wasn't really prepared and I can't really answer even the most basic question. When you can't really answer the "1+1=2" of engineering when you applying for Engineering post, then you're in trouble. You know how at the end of the interview they always say "We will contact you in 3 weeks time if your indeed accepted", well in my case there were no such sayings only "Thank you for coming". Yes it was that bad that I wish I would have spend the hour or so watching porn rather than sitting in that room feeling miserably out of place. So for now, duduk diam-diam di Kulim sudah hehe :op

oi bila kawen?
i bet IT IS not greener on the other side.. BONUS PUN TAKDE.. camno? akakaka... nway, the experience that counts.. dun wori, ada rezeki yang lebih baik menanti tu... :X muacks...
been there done that.....
i still can't shove the interviewer's (you're-so-stoopid) look off my mind till now.....

they won't take into account that years passed and we can't remember certain things we learned in engineering schools...because you sometimes do not apply it into your job at all..

anyway....which semiconductor company eh?..not my previous company eh?
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